Explaining Writing

What: write an explaining story of your choose.
So What: I learned more spelling words and where an commas.
Now What: to get the spelling right at once.

     Why People Like Playing Soccer.

I'm going to tell you about, why people like playing soccer, how to like playing soccer, how I felt when I was young and some examples from when I was young.

People like playing soccer because it's fun to do when you're bored sitting in your house doing nothing. If Mum or Dad says to stop playing video games, then that's the change to pick up the soccer ball and play some soccer outside. It's good because then you don't sit the whole day in front of an screen. I did that once when I wasn't allowed to go on the playstation. 

You can like playing soccer if you play a lot and train your self, you will later like it a lot and you'll love to play soccer. When I was young I played with a ball all day, later I loved it because it stared to get in my blood. 

The feeling when you score is also fun because you get highfives from team mates and good comments. Sometimes when you score you feel surprised and happy. Suprised because you maybe though that you would miss that goal. I had that once when I scored from middle line. And that's why I like playing soccer.

Now you know why I like playing soccer a lot , if you follow these steps you would like it as well.

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