Walt: solve decimal equations that evolve and-
S.C - basic facts
       - place values
       - algorithm 
Next step is to do it neter.

Old Iron

Walt Infer meaning from the text.
S.C - clues from the text. 
       - pictures
       - P.K
       - making Conneetions
Next step is to write more dilate d words.


The Rat

What: Infer meaning from the text.
So What: I learned to infer the meaning from the text.
Now What: To get more information from the text.


Capitals in Writing

What: Writing QR code activity.
So What: I learned where the capitals go.
Now What: To use it in my writing.


My Trip to New Zealand

I wrote about my trip to New Zealand.

There were some words wrong and edit capitals in my writing.

What: to write a story about something fun what happened.
So What: I learned spelling and where capitals go.
Now What: is to get the capitals right at once and get spelling better.