My First Art

We had to draw a piece of land and paint it to only use black and white. I painted Farewellspit.                                             Walt: to draw a place in New Zealand.     So what: I learned to paint with black and white.                                                       Now what: my next step is to do the boat    better.

Male Role Models

We were writing to male role models and I am writing to the soccer team Ajax. This is my writing.
First made a hamburger plan where you plan everything before you write it.
What: to write to male role model. 
So what: I learned to use a hamburger plan. 
Now what: to write with out mistakes. 


Save The Turtles

We read a book about turtles and had to make a poster and this is how it looks like.
What : Empathise with charters.
So what: I learned a lot about turtles.
Now what: to get more information.

Tree Diagrams

I learned how to solve a problem to use tree diagrams.
What: use tree diagrams to solve probability problems.
So what: to solve problems to use tree diagrams. 
Now what: to solve harder questions.