My Goals

My goal for term 4 are
My academic goal is: that I want to get a 4a with math in the end of the year.
My behaviour/social gaol is: to always be on task.
My respect goal is: to listen better.


Peer Mediation

I did peer mediation with Ciaran and Rebeca. Ciaran and I solved a problem. The problem was that boys had two balls and a girl couldn't have one. When we came we asked the boys why the girl can't have one ball. The boys answer was she didn't even ask. So the boys gave the girl one. And that's how Ciaran and I solved the problem. 

Colossal kiwi

This was an activity in our SDL.



My goal was: complete an burger cart for your explanation. I completed it and finished my explanation. 
My next step is to think further and more information .


My goal was: measurements of squares. My next step in maths is to try get to stage 8.


My goal from this term was: make inferences. I did well because I had good answer and good information. 
My next goal is: knowledge of vocabulary.


The Effects of When the Business or Consumer Does Not Meet Their Responsibily.

WALT: explain how or why something happens.
So What: I learned about business and consumers. 
Now What: to try have longer paragraphs


The Bullet

WALT: show a deep understanding of what we read. I read about a boy and girl and when they moved the boy found an bullet.

Northern Lights

WALT: show deep understanding if what we read. I read about the colours of the northern light, when the northern light can be seen. 
Next step: get more information out of the text.

Anzac poster

WALT: Draw an poster with information about the Anzacs.
So what: I learned a lot about the Anzacs.
Now What: to get more information and more pictures. 


Explaining Writing

What: write an explaining story of your choose.
So What: I learned more spelling words and where an commas.
Now What: to get the spelling right at once.

     Why People Like Playing Soccer.

I'm going to tell you about, why people like playing soccer, how to like playing soccer, how I felt when I was young and some examples from when I was young.

People like playing soccer because it's fun to do when you're bored sitting in your house doing nothing. If Mum or Dad says to stop playing video games, then that's the change to pick up the soccer ball and play some soccer outside. It's good because then you don't sit the whole day in front of an screen. I did that once when I wasn't allowed to go on the playstation. 

You can like playing soccer if you play a lot and train your self, you will later like it a lot and you'll love to play soccer. When I was young I played with a ball all day, later I loved it because it stared to get in my blood. 

The feeling when you score is also fun because you get highfives from team mates and good comments. Sometimes when you score you feel surprised and happy. Suprised because you maybe though that you would miss that goal. I had that once when I scored from middle line. And that's why I like playing soccer.

Now you know why I like playing soccer a lot , if you follow these steps you would like it as well.


Pier in New

What: To have a ending point.
So What: To draw the pier in New Brighten that has a ending point.
Now What: To make the seats better.


What: To have a ending point.
So What: To draw an road that has a ending point.
Now What: to have straight lines.



Walt: solve decimal equations that evolve and-
S.C - basic facts
       - place values
       - algorithm 
Next step is to do it neter.

Old Iron

Walt Infer meaning from the text.
S.C - clues from the text. 
       - pictures
       - P.K
       - making Conneetions
Next step is to write more dilate d words.


The Rat

What: Infer meaning from the text.
So What: I learned to infer the meaning from the text.
Now What: To get more information from the text.


Capitals in Writing

What: Writing QR code activity.
So What: I learned where the capitals go.
Now What: To use it in my writing.


My Trip to New Zealand

I wrote about my trip to New Zealand.

There were some words wrong and edit capitals in my writing.

What: to write a story about something fun what happened.
So What: I learned spelling and where capitals go.
Now What: is to get the capitals right at once and get spelling better.


My First Art

We had to draw a piece of land and paint it to only use black and white. I painted Farewellspit.                                             Walt: to draw a place in New Zealand.     So what: I learned to paint with black and white.                                                       Now what: my next step is to do the boat    better.

Male Role Models

We were writing to male role models and I am writing to the soccer team Ajax. This is my writing.
First made a hamburger plan where you plan everything before you write it.
What: to write to male role model. 
So what: I learned to use a hamburger plan. 
Now what: to write with out mistakes. 


Save The Turtles

We read a book about turtles and had to make a poster and this is how it looks like.
What : Empathise with charters.
So what: I learned a lot about turtles.
Now what: to get more information.

Tree Diagrams

I learned how to solve a problem to use tree diagrams.
What: use tree diagrams to solve probability problems.
So what: to solve problems to use tree diagrams. 
Now what: to solve harder questions.