My Goals

My goal for term 4 are
My academic goal is: that I want to get a 4a with math in the end of the year.
My behaviour/social gaol is: to always be on task.
My respect goal is: to listen better.


Peer Mediation

I did peer mediation with Ciaran and Rebeca. Ciaran and I solved a problem. The problem was that boys had two balls and a girl couldn't have one. When we came we asked the boys why the girl can't have one ball. The boys answer was she didn't even ask. So the boys gave the girl one. And that's how Ciaran and I solved the problem. 

Colossal kiwi

This was an activity in our SDL.



My goal was: complete an burger cart for your explanation. I completed it and finished my explanation. 
My next step is to think further and more information .


My goal was: measurements of squares. My next step in maths is to try get to stage 8.


My goal from this term was: make inferences. I did well because I had good answer and good information. 
My next goal is: knowledge of vocabulary.


The Effects of When the Business or Consumer Does Not Meet Their Responsibily.

WALT: explain how or why something happens.
So What: I learned about business and consumers. 
Now What: to try have longer paragraphs